Aura® Bath & Spa

MSRP: $98.99

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  • Aura® Bath & Spa Matte Finish is a premium interior coating specially formulated for optimal performance in high humidity environments such as baths and spas. With the added benefits of color Lock Technology and mildew resistance, it delivers remarkable durability and exceptional color.
    1. Paint and Primer Together
    2. Extreme hide and coverage for fewer coats
    3. Mildew resistant for a fresh look that lasts
    4. Proprietary color Lock™ technology for richer colors that stay true over time
    5. Stands up to repeated washing with no color rub-off
    6. Paint and primer together
    7. Zero VOC*, low odor
    1. Aura® Bath & Spa Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
    2. Aura® Bath & Spa Technical Data Sheet (TDS)