ProLuxe Rubbol Solid Stain

  • Rubbol Solid Stain is a hybrid alkyd/acrylic with the advantages of both technologies. This formula offers excellent penetration and adhesion over both bare and previously coated surfaces. This premium, solid colour stain has a low sheen finish that will complement any décor.
    1. Lightfast formula ensures long-term beauty of the wood surface
    2. Enhances exterior wood with a bright and smooth finish
    3. Easy Application and soap and water clean up
    1. Decks
    2. Siding
    3. Trim
    4. Shakes
    5. Shingles
    6. Fences
    7. Doors
    8. Logs
    9. Outdoor furniture352.45
    10. 53 colours to choose from
    11. Download Application Overview for more Information
    1. Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
    2. Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
    3. Full Product Library